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How Many People Own A Sera?

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I've got one...

And the Sera owners list on www.toyotasera.co.uk which was recently automated is now up to about 65. The old list had 125 cars on it.

We started again from Zero because people didn't tell me when they sold their car or crashed it, so we started from scratch to organise accuracy.

There were 15 at JAE altogether.


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i own one (hence the name) and half way through fitting Zex on it which should be interesting and have fitted a new spoiler striped out the interior and fitted buckets and harnesses. however i nearly sold it the other day to buy a motsibushi gto but its no fun to drive its big heavy and sticks to the road wheres the fun in that ???

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Just got my nos all set up on a rolling road the car now pumps out 201bhp !!!! its fantastic and if anyone is thinkin bout getting nos get in touch wiv me and ill take u for a spin it will also be getting a few trips to the pod to show what 1.5s can do (wiv some help) (Andrew it is amazing u have to try it)

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I'd like to try it. 201bhp. Woo. Do you have the actual measured figures - a rolling road doesn't measure power, it measures torque, and this is often more interesting than power. I'd be interested to see the torque curve.

Mine is currently 135bhp, but I've got an HKS actuator which will up the boost to at least 0.8bar, I need a FCD and a fuel pressure regulator as well. That should give 160bhp but then the turbo and the intercooler would be getting towards the limit of their efficiency.

OK. How much is a NOS install, and how long does a bottle of laughing gas last, and how much does a refill cost.

Also what have you done to brakes and suspension to cope with the increase?

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The Nos install is normally about £650 from evolution i got it a bit cheaper but trhere name is [plastered all over my car. It turns out i did **** loads more damage than melt a plug when i was learning how to use it so the engine is getting stripped down and a few choice mods are getting fitted at the same time dont know what they are planning to do to it yet depends on extent of damage when its rebuilt im sending her off to a rolling road.the 201bhp is an estimation from evolution they know there cars to be honest they cant be far off as the nos on its own is 75bhp. when shes back Andrew u are welcome to take her out for a spin. we could also meet up at the pod one weekend and put turbo against nos?? be interseting to see what happens. The gas will last about 15- 20 min continuos use with a 75bhp jet and costs £50 to refill which i dont think is too bad.

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