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Servicing St205


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Hi guys,

Does anyone know how often an ST205 needs servicing?

Some have told me its every 2500miles, some 5000miles and some 9000miles.

I doubt its any later than 5000miles.

You see im gonna service my car myself because toyota are way too expensive, and at the end of they day all they do is pretty much change the oil. :lol:

Anyone know what i should be doing on the services?

So far all i can think of is as follows:


Oil Filter

Fuel Filter

Intercooler Coolant

Radiator Coolant

Remove and clean out the induction kit.

Anything else? Cheers guys :thumbsup:

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Oil and filter every 4,500 miles.

Main service every 9,000 miles.

If you want the engine to last, do the oil and filter every 3,000 miles.

Replace brake/clutch/power steering fluid every 24 months.

Check coolant strength every 24 months - replace no later than five years.

Check exhaust mountings every six months.

Check front pads every six months.

Oh - the biggie - CAM belt at 63,000 or five years (engine out).

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