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Japanese Rav4 Number Plate Size


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I've got a Japanese Import Rav4 J, but the rear number plate that is on it doesn't fit.

Does anyone know what the exact dimensions should be for the rear plate so I can get one made up please?

Cheers :)


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I've had a look on the DVLA website and all I can find is the character dimensions....

what I really need is the physical dimensions of the Japanese number plate size for a Rav4 so I can have a custom plate made


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1994-2000 Europe Rav4 rear license/number plate holder looked like this (The European version of the rear door had the spare wheel mounted in the middle of the rear door)


1994-2000 Japanese rear license/number plate holder (This picture is a North American Rav4 but the Japanese rear end was the same and the rear spare wheel is slightly more offset to the right to accomodate the square shaped rear license/number plate)


2001-> in Europe looked like this (That's my Rav4 :)


2001-> in USA and Japan


All 2001-2004 RAV4's have the rear spare wheel offset to the right but the lower panel is different in Europe and Japan.

Not very helpful but I thought I would just share some info, I suspect Synn you might have to get a custom made plate or maybe a motorbike rear number plate to fit.

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it's got a square one on at the mo, but it doesn't fit properly, it's just been jammed in...

I'm very willing to get a custom plate made, but I need the exact dimensions (which is why I asked about the Japanese plate), was hoping someone might know.

didn't want to take the risk of just using a tape measure and getting it wrong


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