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Power For A Sera


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I'm a new user so i acciendently posted the topic wrong. sorry this one should work! :thumbsup:

Hi im a young guy from sydney, australia with a passion for seras. I think they look awsome!!!! but the one problem is that they are a gutless wonder when it comes to power. I have been looking around on the net over the last couple of days trying to find different methods to gain this power. The main ideas that i could find is to fit either a 4agze engine or a starlet gt engine. What sort of cost am i up for in australian dollars? Being a very small engine bay and a east to west engine it sort of narrows down my options dramatically . I have have seen examples on the net of high powered seras including a very nice one from japan with a claimd 300bhp. Im not looking for figures that high but over 200 would be awsome. I need to do this as my best mate has a eunos 30x with a jap spec mx6 engine in it and it goes really hard with about 180kw at the wheels. This is all in a front wheel drive!!!! He says i should of chosen a different car but i loved the styleing so much i couldn't resist. His car runs about 13.4 on the quarter. Im looking for a figure in the low 14's or high 13's if possible. any help would be appriciated!!! I can handle being with the all show no go slogan anymore!!!!

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the starlet gt swap would be easiest, but building the hybrid 5EFTE would prolly be your best bet, a few mods can get 200hp reasonably priced, more is more :thumbsup:

I noticed today that my Tercel rear is VERY close to the size of a celica, Ill be looking to see if an AWD turbo Tecel is a possibility

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the 4efte is a direct bolt on (well to the paseo anyways) - 1.3T 130bhp stock (ithink).

the 5efte is really a hybrid of the 4efte & the 5efe with 4efte inards and a 5efhe intake & block

toyotasera.co.uk has more info on what youll need, if not contact a company called xracing in your neck of the woods, speak to Jacky Chang, hes swapped engines for the paseo & should beable to help.

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