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Supercharging The 5efe

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he could fit a starlet gt motor and rob a supercharger from another car (a lot of custom work needed of course). im not sure, but seeing as the starlet gt ecu reads boost, maybe u could use it. probly better off to transplant the 4agze if he was dead set on having a supercharger

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you would need an ECU with the concept of positive boost. You may be able to use Starlet turbo ECU and map sensor / injectors which would give it some idea, but may not be mapped properly.

Otherwise an aftermarket ECU or several additional fuel / ignition computers would be used.

Scutch mentions Mini Cooper superchargers - there are plenty of these on eBay. Mini Cooper S owners who upgrade to the John Cooper Works package end up with a new supercharger fitted, and the old one gets put on eBay to recoup costs. They normally go for about £ 100

This would require some careful fabrication to mount and to fit. The main problem is the additional belt pulley needed and the lack of room to fit it. The air plumbing would be complicated as well as the belts are one side of the engine and the air intake is at the other.

It would be cheaper and quicker to fit a Starlet turbo engine in its place.

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