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Rear Light Tinting


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Just wondering how this works. I have seen some cars with there rear lights in the exact same colour as there duco. e.g corolla in members motors pic number 90. Have they just painted over their rear tail lights? or is there some sort of tinting process involved? car the cars indicators/brake lights still be seen? is it legal? how much would it cost? is it a difficult process? I like the look of them but i dont want to attract much more attention from the fuzz then i already get



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Some people have a coating of paint sprayed over the clusters, this gives the lights the apperance of being body-coloured.

I have tinted mine with red lense tinting spray to loose the amber indicators, I haven't had any problems yet but if you go a little overboard the indicators can appear red rather than amber. Also the reversing light looks pink when illuminated. Overall though it looks classy & is dead cheap to do.

Will post a pic later if it helps or look for the post entitled 'Finally Tinted My Rear Lenses'.

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if you want the lights the colour of your car. and you car isnt green,blue, black or red (tint colours). then you need to get some paint made up.

go to your local paint spray auto shop and get them to make up a spraycan or 2 of paint that is..

30% paint (same as your car), 70% laquer.

then when you spray the lights, take your time, because there is so much laquer over sprayting it will make it run, and your lights will look crap.

build it up little by little untill it looks like a smokier paint job to your car.

the laquer lets light through. the paint makes it look nice!

done and dusted.

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