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I found this on a paseo site..


Old man on scooter VS. Ferrari


A young man sits at a stoplight inhis new 550 Maranello (Ferrari for you non-car-enthusiasts). A old man pulls up next to him on his Vespa and starts eyeing his Ferrari. The old man stares it down and yells to the driver "is that a Ferrari?" He responds "yeah, 550 Maranello. 200,000$ and goes 200 mph!" The old man leans over, pokes his head inside the car and looks around. He pulls his head out of the car and says "nice! But I like my scooter better!" The Ferrari driver snorts out of disgust, engages first gear and when the light goes green, he erupts the rear tires into clouds of smoke. He shuts her down around 60 mph and glances in his rearview mirror. Here comes the old man!!! WHHOOOOSSSHHHH.... the old man flies by him on his Vespa! The dude in the Ferrari is like !!!! So he shifts to 2nd and gives the Ferrari all shes got. VROOOMM! Flies past the old man doin about 120 mph. The Ferrari driver thinks hes got it made in the shade . But whats this??? Here comes the old man again. WHOOSH!!! The Vespa flies by him again!!!! The guy in the Ferrari is totally bewildered and gettin kinda ****** off. WTF does this 70 year old man have done to his scooter to beat me like this????? Hes outraged and lets it all loose. The Ferrari hits 100, then 120, 150, 175 and then the old man finally disappears from his rearview mirror altogether. Not wanting a massive ticket/jailtime, the Ferrari driver notices a red light up ahead and changes lanes to avoid a accident. Sitting at the red light he glances in his rearview and sure enough, here comes that crazy old ***** and he aint stoppin for nothin. The old man barrels down fast, cheeks flappin in the wind, eyes watering and screaming at the top of his lungs. Then: BAM!!!! The scooter plows right into the back of the Ferrari. The driver of the Ferrari is fuming mad. He jumps out of his exotic all enraged at this stupid old man. He starts bitchin about the scratches on his neew Ferrari and how much he wants to kick this old mans ***** for scratching his Ferrari. After his !Removed!-fit, he realizes that maybe his ferrari isnt as important as a human life and then starts to sympathize. HE kneels over the panicked, shaken and bruised old man and says "Im sorry, I should be thinking about your condition more than my car. Are you OK? want me to call a ambulance?" The old man shakes it off and replies "I think Im OK. Ill live. But can you do me a favor?" The Ferrari driver says hed be glad to. The old man than says " can you do me a favor and unhook my suspender strap from your side-view mirror please?"

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