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Corolla Gti Engine Swap?

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I am currently thinking of doing an engine swap for my engine rather then trying to get more gains from my standard na engine. What do you think is the best swap for my car? I know that fensport do the supercharger and the 20 valve conversion. Which one do you think is the better, which is also very reliable?

Also does anybody know if you could fit a Carina GTI - 16 engine in the AE92. Its a 3SGE which standards at 174 bhp. Has anybody done that conversion.

I am based near the west of london. Does anybody know of any good tuners that I could go to get this done around london?

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why the 3sge go for the 3sgte same engine with a turbo. however it is a big job with a lot of expence but the results are worth it. however the 4A-GZE conversion is a good cheapish and easyish conversion can be tweaked for around 200bhp. cost for conversion should be around £1000 plus engine etc

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The thing is I want a conversion that's not only got a great increase in power but I want reliability. Everybody knows that a normally aspirated engine will last longer then a forced induction engine. I dnt really want to put a turbo on my car because not only would I get problems fitting it, I will probably have a great traction problem in a FWD and is costy.

Fensport do a 4AGE 20 Valve Engine which I think standards at about 165 BHP. The 3SGE engine standards at 174 bhp, but I havnt actually known anyone who has done that particular swap.

Im really just in 2 minds which to go for.

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4a-gze is an easier swap and an uprated pulley and good exhaust will see about 200bhp

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Thanks, my mind is going towards a supercharger i think. But just a few questions:

Where's the best place to get this done? Also where they would do an excellent Job?

how much roughly am I looking at for a full conversion?

What are the risks involved in having a supercharged engine?

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I would not recommend transplanting the 20V 4AGE. The power figures for these engines are exaggerated. I have never seen one make more than 145 bhp on the rollers. I think the trouble is that the 16V 4AGE breathes quite well anyway, an extra valve really does not make that much difference in a 4 cylinder jobbie.

Even Kevin, before he transplanted the 3SGTE into his AE111 Corolla SR, only managed to extract 145 bhp from the 20V and he was running MoTeC ECU too. They are also much more expensive and difficult to tune. Although Blitz do offer a nice Turbo kit for it if you can find 6K.

On the plus side, the induction noise is great.

The 4AGZE is the bet value for your money, you will not get 200bhp easily but around 190bhp is more realistic with a bigger crank pulley. It also more or less bolts right in.

The 3SGTE is another matter, it is the ultimate dragster engine, but you will need to do some fabrication. It really does work out much too expensive unless you can do the work yourself. Ask Dawesy if its an easy job, Im sure he will put you off - the rewards are good though.

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oh yeah baby.

as nad said 3S-GTE isnt easy to do it requires all 4 engine mounts to be adapted i used the celica mount on the right hand a later spec Corolla one on the left and had to modify the two on the gearbox (the rear one is a pig) ples welding TRD bushes on the mount as they no longer do mounts for this car. piping is straight forward GT4 radiator everything else is fairly easy. wiring isnt too bad but is made easyer if you go for motec ecu as yo can keep the original engine loom and addapt it by changing plugs etc. but it is an easy way to get 300 bhp in a Corolla without using NOS. when my new engine is built later this year should have aprox 380 bhp so will be a tad faster then

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