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Hi All ;) ,

Just got the new morettes back from the sprayer :D .


Had a quick look at how to fit them and im well confused.

Is there anyone here thats ever removed the T-Sport bumper? Because Ive removed most of

the screws that I think would release the bumper buts its still attached somewhere :ffs:

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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All done, will post some pics when I can acctually move again :wacko: . lol

Everything works bar the full beam lights. Theres 2 wires coming from the green block on the left light with blue clamps on the end but it doesn't say anywhere in the instructions what they should be clampted onto.

Anyone got any ideas.

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awesome truely awesome!

morettes are one of the best Yaris mods! gets rid of the spasticated seamonkey goldfish bowl headlamps..... even worse if youve got the droopy phase2 pants

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Cant rmemeber them? must be new?

i remeber on mine you effectively had a new section of wiring loom for the high beams

can you scan and posts the instructions (going by my morettes itll be in a dodgy translation from french)

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All sorted now. Thanks for offering to look into it tho kev.

Morette actually sent me the wrong instructions.

Mailed me through the right ones as a PDF which ive sent on to Envy incase morette screw up for someone else. lol.

Will post up some more pix at the weekend ;)

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I have just noticed that woody doesnt actually like anything that is posted other than his car

Lol not true! I love Lee's red yaris' and chris' car too! Admitedly i do seem to dislike alot but thats only the mods such as morettes, M3 Mirrors, carzone bodykits etc which i see too often and dislike! Not my fault i don't like many of the mods available for the Yaris that we get over here :P

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