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Updated Pics

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I've just uploaded some in jpeg format about 100kb in size. Went up in about 20 seconds. Use the file attachments option if attaching to a thread or use the add pictures option on the top right of screen if in the gallery......

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Hey mellow.. I love your car! It's !Removed!! :D Keep up the great work!!!!

u know what u should do? get the xracing kit.. it would look !Removed! on a yellow paseo.. oh man! I can see it now! It would be destined for stardom! anyway.. great work!!!

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it was a pain in the *****! the stupid cover thing is in place with a crew, so i had to smash it off the srew, then slowly break it into smaller pieces using whatever sharp thing i could get in there..... then gettin the bit of palstic that sits behind the screw is a nightmare!!!!! i gave up in the end, so in one side, u can still see a sparkle of orange.....

and i got the silver bulbs, but they are wrong fitment!!!!" and i cant find anywhere that has the right ones... so im driving around with white signals on the front at the mo..... which isnt too much of a problem, cos i rarely use em anyways!!!!

as for Xracing.... :fishyface: .. :boxing: .. :crutchy: no thanks! :afro:

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what is the std power output of the 3s ge?

im temtped to send it in to a work shop when i get my new car and tell them to go crazy...

just waiting on a price for de-locking, debadging, and fully messin the front as well as fibreglass moulding the spoiler flush into the bumper so it looks one piece.... prices soon 97paseo :thumbsup:

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While you're finding out about the 3s ask about the Starlet Turbo conversion (135bhp) :D, I've got brain-fade & forgotten the code for the Starlet engine... :huh:

Dawsey says in another post:

4A-GZE conversion is a good cheapish and easyish conversion can be tweaked for around 200bhp. cost for conversion should be around £1000 plus engine etc

What about that?

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Very slick car you have there mate. Love the alloys really set of the car :thumbsup:


yeah but notice how there are no up close pics of em.... they are battered! i need them refurbed but noone round here can guarantee the same finish i got on em now... any reconmendations?

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