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Gotta Get Me Some Of These!


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all that gear apart from the pakfeifer stuff is manuf. in South Africa, i can get stuff from there, its a little awkward but possible, i have family there.

I'm trying to find the manuf. name so i can get stuff from them direct at ridiculosly cheap prices. The prices fromthat German site are a bit steep considering the price for the same item from SA. :angry:

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I guess the stuff from the German store has to have a TúV cert doesnt it ? i'm guessing the SA stuff doesn't carry one, it doesnt have a kite mark either but no one here gives a stuff, the store may be able to put you in touch with the manuf. if you ask, then we can contact the manuf. direct. ???

just a thought.

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Ok...I had areply from the company that has this pic and a front end conversion pictured on its website and they dont sell it?!?

Stuck isnt the word :(

I'm not that bothered about the kite mark either...if it hasnt got one then its usually because there's no built in fog light...I had no problems with clear rears on my previous car...I just swapped to standard jobbies come MOT time and the police are none the wiser about it all anyhoo B)

So can you get these clusters from SA Jon? BTW...forget about my post in previous threads about half red, hald clear versions as I have my heart set on these now :wacko: ....still very interested in the bumper lenses though :)

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Ok...as I'm not able to get these from the company that advertises them :blink: ...does anyone else know where I can get them and how much they are delivered to sunny Wales? ...they look fab!! :)

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