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Yaris At Donny South


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I know it's not most people round here's thing, and not normally mine either, but went to Donny South today because my friend had some vouchers for it and we thought it would be a laugh (also it was close ... unlike half the other car shows).

It's a modded car show if you haven't heard of it, lots of random stuff, surprisingly there weren't many chav cars, quite a few nice rides. No Yaris's though - lots of Supras however.

Anyway, there was one Yaris - used as a demo car for a company called DNX? They seemed to do lots of random bits, like mufflers, brake pads etc. (They had a competition asking what the car on display was; A) Ferrari Modena, B ) Renault Laguna, C) Toyota Yaris - HMMMM!).

Here are the pictures anyway, I thought the graphics were quite cool. It was a T-Sport I think, interior seemed to be stock - except where the steering wheel is light grey (on the T-Sport's I've seen), it was red? Sorry for the limited view - they had shelves around it.





What do you all reckon?

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Yup was at USC aswell.

Got the wheel out of a MR2 "Red", and got the 1.5 turbo engine vinyl on the bonnet.

Seats inside were nice aswell, the standard ones retrimmed in alcantara, with leather sides and the T Sport logo in the middle of the alcantara.

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Donny South, was it at North Weald nr Ongar by any chance?

I think I read a bit about it in the local Gazette Newspaper & wondered if anyone from here might go...we didnt go though! It's only 20 mins or so away..

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