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Gt Turbo Vs Glanza


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Hi guys

I'm looking to buy a starlet turbo in the near future. I've spoken to a few people who have all said if I can afford it get a Glanza. Would someone be able to list the differences between the standard GT Turbo and the Glanza so I know what I'd be paying extra for.

Insurance isnt a problem as I'm 24 with 4 yrs no claims so it'll be reasonable.

Just the differences on the cars if anyone can help.....

Also if anyone knows roughly what an average MPG of the starlet is that would be handy as I'm curious about that also

Cheers folks! :thumbsup:

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Does that make the Glanza slower then?

I was under the impression it was quicker (different turbo or something)?

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in a straightline drag the ep82 would muller the newer 01,

this is basicaly down to the fact that the glanza has a boost limit on boost in the first two gears, easily removed though it would be realy close,

the glanza has an extra fin in its turbo to aid responce,

for more info and better help try the uk starlet club

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Yeah, the glanza would be beaten by a GT standard as upbove says, it is restricted 1st and 2nd gear for safety reasons. I've removed mine by installing a boost controller.

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I prefer the looks of the ep91 to the ep82 and if I was going to have an accident, I'd rather be in the ep91 than the ep82 - they're stronger.

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As many have said, there isnt many differences.

It mainly comes down to what you prefer the look of.

No - whoever told you the glanza is quicker is lieing. Yeah the glanza's are limited to low boost in 1st and 2nd, but even with this disabled, the starlet is 'fractionly' quicker. The Glanza is not loads heavier like someone here said, i think its about 40kg difference. On the road you would barely notice a difference performance wise.

I have a starlet GT. I do prefer the look of the Glanza (in white anyway) but i didnt want to spend so much money for a small car! Also ins - you say wont be a prob, no way near as many companies will touch a glanza compared to a starlet, so get some quotes first.

I too would agree if you can afford it - get a glanza, but it all depends on what you prefer the look of more.

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Lol, well to my opinion the glanza seems a lot heavier than the GT as i have been in my mate's GT before and driven it.

Alot of people have said that the Glanza looks like a Micra at the rear end, which i do agree lol, but looks nothing like it at the front.

But at the end of the day, the GT's/Glanza's are getting more and more popular, soon it will become a common road car.

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Hi guys....i need your help...the ep82 gt transmission with ep91 glanza i know that the ep82 have longer gears but i dont know the differentials are same;;;have same teeths or no?

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