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and whilst you spank the monkey - feels like someone else doing it! - allegedly! :D

might try that.......................oh sorry thinking aloud again :lol:

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Use oven gloves when removing T-Top glass panels.

I just about burnt my fingers just now. :censor: :crybaby:

Andy, I laughed when I first read this post....... until today when I nearly fried my fingers taking of my T-Top panels..

Also the leather in the car is roasting too when hot. I had to get back out and let the air con run for a few mins... and not to forget the metal gear nob... bluddy roasting also.. and this is with the t-bar trim panels in place. It would prob be even hotter without ! :wacko:

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you lightweights, straight up to the car, panels of and behind the seat, metal gearnob to first and away enjoying the sunshine, what are you guys, mice.....

You have to enjoy the car in this weather...

Oh and yes the car park is in the open and the sunshine has been superb...

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