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What Wheels For My Corolla

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Basically i just bought the corolla, it already has some 15in hockenhiem looking wheels, which i have been told are accessory wheels for the vvti version, but i also have a friend with 4 rear wheels from the facelift mr2 roadster (16in 5 spokes),

so my options are

1 keep the 15in

2 put on the 16in

3 put on the 16in but painted black or grey

i do like the 15s, and i like that they are toyota options, but the 16s would fit the arches better, and give me 215 tread width instead of the 195 so i should get loads of grip from them, but i they dont have tyres so will be about 100 pound

the car is on cardomain if you wanna have a look

what does anyone think

also i wanna drop it 40mm, i dont think the arches will need any work for either wheels, but can anyone confirm this

cheers for any help

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personal dont like the wheels on it right now , spec in silver so would deffo change for maybe something not so fussy and in a dark colour !

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fair play mate, i like them but not to everyones taste, and took a little while to wash them

was sort of coming round to deciding in the mr2 wheels in a black or grey, but i just been talking to a mate who had the same wheels on his 1.3 g6 and he said they affected the performance, anyone got any comments

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