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Jst Got 94' Trueno Gt Apex


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hey all,my first post.

I just bought a 94 toyota trueno gt 2 door,,and am woundering if it really matters that im using 91 octane fuel..ive been told to use 96' octane however here in newzealand 96 is stupidly xpensive....and also can someone xplain why this car is soo fast for a 1.6 naturally asperated (non-turbs) car..?

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91 runs fine in the engine and you aren't damaging it by doing so. I have tried 96 and there is no real noticeable change to justify the extra $. The reason the engine hauls for a 1600 is the 3rd intake valve which is brought into use somewhere around 5000 and the car is very lightweight youll notice a big drop in speed with a 3 extras in the car however when you line up larger capacity engines or turbos youll realize that it is still just a 1600.


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The Tureno's in Nz are abundend, and very well looked @ as boyracer cars. Very overkill with the dual exausts, they are only there for noise since the car has stuff all power really. However im sure youve seen the odd boyracer or two with them ^_^. They think the world of them.

[mumble]Stupid guys on recoil thinking im a **** boyracer X_X AHH!!![/mumble]

u should have got an oldschool Ae-86 :) THEYS THE ****S

as for petrol, i dont think it really matters to much. i run 96 in my 1986 leone, since its turb, but my gfs parents pay for it, so i dont really care (i work for them... but they dont pay me, they just hand me their *shell* cards and i fill my car up.) since my car drinks petrol :D.

and i get to help my gf with her job, so hey, i dont care lol. i really dont think they are high octane petrol, they are just normal petrols... pathetic little things that burn.... and $1.10 a Litre is nothing for petrol... my tanc takes $60 worth to fill her. and that disappears in 3 days with my driving, so meh!. thats like... $1 a minute for driving hahaha.

boy..... my post is pretty useless realy isnt it ^_^

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if i am not mistaken .. your car is using the 20v 4AGE .. rite ?? these 20v 4AGEs are design for high revving purposes .. as with all the other 4AGEs .. the main difference of this 20v compared with the older 16v is that this 20v has vvt ~ variable valve timing .. u can see this gadget at one of the cam pulleys .. basically this vvt changes its timing/tuning when u hit somewhere just past 5000rpm .. when this vvt activates u will feel the surge of power coming ..

1.6L category power house are the honda VTECs and mitsubishi's MIVECs .. honda uses different cam profiles on their cam at high rpms to achieve power .. mitsu uses something similar to toyota's vvt ... toyota's vvt has evolved to vvti and vvtLi ... both these continuosly monitors throttle and speed to adjust to max efficiency and power .. the vvtLi has slight advantage in having diff cam profile which are similar to VTECs ..

any of the engine above modded will give even a 2.0L turbo powered machine a run for their $$$ .. :D

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