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Right, i just changed the front door Speakers whilst getting the doors dynomated (to try and get rid of the rattles) although i did not get rid of the rattles completly cause the centre column still makes noises i can turn it up loader to drown them out. Anyway, i want to know if:

1) Can i add an auto changer to the excisting head?

2) Can i add a sub to the existing head?

My problem is the car is 99 GS and its not great, i basically want to keep the car for another 14 months more then i will sell it for something with a bit more go ( maybe a 1.3 or t-sport one), but i want to get a better sound and as most of my music is on cd and i havn't got a tape dec for my seperates then there is little point in having the tape.

Any help and anywhere i can get this fitted or failing that, fit it myself would be of great help



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