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Lost Keys - Where Can I Get The Ecu Reprogrammed?


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I only have a valet key for my 1999 Amazon 4.7. Without a master key my Toyota dealer tells me that I can't have any other keys electronically matched to the car unless the ecu is replaced. Cost - over £1,200 for the parts alone. Ouch!

Checking the internet I see that some companies can re-program the ecu to accept a new master key. I have found a national mobile locksmith who will do this, but even they want £650 (and the cost of the keys will be extra).

Does anyone know where I might find a lower price to reprogram the ecu? In America the going rate is just $250. I know we pay more for just about everything over here, but £650 seems a little excessive.

I am in Norfolk, but would be quite happy to send my ecu off to be re-programmed if anyone knows of a postal service of this kind.


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Should be able to get a new key as long as you have the registration document for the vehicle. Would be extremely surprised if Mr T would force you to reset the whole ECU....

They would still have all details for a '99 registered vehicle logged on the system.

Yes we can get new keys even back to 1983 already cut, but to program the key to unlock the immobilizer you need atleast one coded key for the car, £650 is not to bad tbh

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Yes we can get new keys even back to 1983 already cut, but to program the key to unlock the immobilizer you need atleast one coded key for the car, £650 is not to bad tbh

£650 is a reasonable price? Ouch!

As you say, you need at least one pre-coded master key to reprogram the ecu using the standard method as used by Toyota dealers (a sequence of locking and unlocking the car, turning the engine on and off, turning the ignition on and off and opening and closing the driver's door). In the absence of a master key it is necessary either to replace the ecu or to re-flash it (Toyota won't do this, but some locksmiths have the capability).

£650 seems a rather high price to pay for a lost key, particularly as the ecu re-flashing process is quick and easy. It's not as if the equipment and software is hyper expensive either; there's a guy on eBay selling kits and software for use with a laptop at very reasonable prices. (Unfortunately his software doesn't include the Amazon 4.7.)

At $250 in the States versus £650 over here it would be more than worthwhile shipping the ecu to America to be reprogrammed - but no doubt the US programming will differ from ours. So I am still looking for a lower-cost alternative in the UK. If anyone has a solution I would love to hear it!


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