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Hi all,

I don't own an MR2 as yet, but I'm really tempted to get myself a 7-10 year old UK GT model. Being a Ford man at the moment, I have a few questions about taking the plunge. Here goes:

1. I've noticed Haynes don't even do a workshop manual for this model, what do you reccomend as an alternative ?

Is it possible to also do a lot of DIY repairs on the car too ??

2. Compared to Ford stuff, what are these things like for spare parts, both costwise and availability-wise. Could I be stuck for days/weeks on end with a dead car if the worst come to the worst ?? Any typical costs appreciated too.

3. Whats the typical servicing costs for these beasts per year (say 6k per year), and can your typical back-street garage do most of the work on them, or is it mainly expensive dealer stuff only ??

4. Are these cars really such a nightmare in the wet, having never driven a rear wheel drive car I'm worried already about when winter comes, can I tame the beast !!! ????

Any other advice greatfully appreciated, especially if it gives me the nudge I need to go and buy one !

Cheers. :D :D

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Look on eBay.. you can get a manual like haynes on a CD for a price... parts dont seem to be that bad as long as you are willing to search for a brakers..

No clue on the servicing as I get a mate to do it but I got my clutch done months ago and the guy cursed the car and said he isnt gonna do another one in a hurry.

Ford, like vauxhall are very common and cheap for parts.. the MR2 is a specialist car and requires that special touch.. you must be willing to go that little bit further for it!

Oh.. they all say that as long as you have good rubber on your rears... you are fine in the wet.. My MR2 struggles to put the power down and even twitches in a straight line... if you learn the cars limits you are fine.. its nice having the engine behind you tho... the balance feels better.

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1. There are various CD's floating around on eBay. These are fully fledged workshop manuals. Completely illegal, but what the hell :) - all you're trying to do is get the car maintained properally!!

2. Spare parts can be expensive, but since most bits such as Oil filters are from the Toyota Parts bin, stuff isn't too expensive - oil filter approx £8 from Mr T. There are also a number of breakers who specialise in MR2 spares - Toyota Celica Breakers and Club MR2 to name but two.

3. Servicing from Toyota costs a packet. Find a friendly/Trusted mechanic to do this for you instead. Better still, do it yourself.

Servicing in Brief -

Every 3,000 - 4,000 miles (Turbo) Change Oil + Filter

Change Gearbox Oil every 15,000 - 20,000 miles (maybe more or less frequently depending on driving style!!)

Change Coolent - Every 2-3 years

Engine Vavle Clearence needs checking at every 50,000 miles

Cambelt change at same interval

Brakes - check for wear every six months or so

Oil- check levels per week, same with tyre pressures etc.

4. They can be a little playful in the wet, but it is all common sense. You get plenty of feedback, and it's easy to tell when the thing is about to break away. Be sensible and don't do silly things in the wet and you should be fine. Remember there is a lot of power going throught the rear wheels :)

Hope this helps a bit, other's may have different ideas about servicing intervals, but these figures work fo me :)

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Pretty much covered,, CD's all over the place, servicing, how much can you do yourself ?? In the wet, as long as you have good rubber beneath you (F1's, P6000's) you'll be fine, just don't expect to go into a sharp corner at flat out, use your noodler and you'll be A OK, never hada problem with mine running P6000's....

Don't skimp on the rubber

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