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Rattle On Carina E


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Hi all was just wondering if any you guys who have a carina e get a very annoying rattling from underneath car ive had it for years ive heard it on other carinas when ive listened to em driving by it dosent rattle all the time just most times :wacko: im thinking maybe its something to do with my exhaust or a fault carina e gets after a while but i aint got a clue lol please leave any comments or if you got similiar probs tell me about them thx ;)

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I get a odd rattle too, but it stops after a bit (either that or I forget about it, lol). I always put it down to the elictric choke getting old?

But, I'm having a hell of a time starting my K reg Carina E 1.6 Gli, I'm almost certain the problem is electrical, co's when it does start there's no further problem.

When you turn the key it just clicks away (about 20 time or sometimes first time!?) until it eventually starts. Then runs fine.

It's driving me nuts.....solenoids and ignition starter switches have been mentioned but i'm still in the dark.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Nice one.

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Until I hear the actual noise, it is hard to pin point but following areas may be the suspect;

1. Exhaust insulator - nuts and bolts can come loose which rattles with the engine vibration

2. There is a play on the split pin at the front wheel hub. Widen the pin will cure it.


When you say it 'clicks' do you mean it the starter motor turns over or it won't but just clicks?

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If its the same rattle as mine, it will be manifold cover that has rusted and come loose from the bottom bolt.

The easiest way to fix this problem, ive been told, is to stuff some wire wool underneath the cover.

Hope this solves ur problem!

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