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Mk1 Help.

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help please.

having just bought a mk1 mr2, i have been struck down by numerous problems. my main one is when the old girl gets hot the engine warning light pops on intermitantly and the car then seems to stutter under acceleration (only when its up to temp tho), the fault code is 4(water temp sensor) i replaced the offending sensor only for the problem to remain.......... any ideas??

also where can i source a front drivers wing as mr t mants £104 (a third of the cars value).

also..... does the central locking work of the keys or just the switch on the inside?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hopefully System~G will be along soon to help. In the meantime, try the MK1 Club on IMOC as I'm sure someone can give you some advice over there. :thumbsup:


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Hiyup and welcome to TOC B)

The engine warning light you see will probably be because the engine bay fan is not coming on. The fan is located in the engine bay behinf the side intake grille. To test the fan, disconnect the sensor in the middle of the engine bay pointing slightly down and towards the firewall. turn ignition to "ON". No need to turn the engine over. If the fan fails to spin, problem solve from there - replace fan/wiring/whole lot (loads of ebay bargains ;) ) If the fan spins then you will need to look at other cooling issues. Make sure the cooling system is filled with water or glycol based coolant, just remove the radiator cap on the filler neck to check level. also ensure you have enough coolant/water in the expansion bottle. If coolant is low in the system fill and bleed thoroughly. Can be a PITA as you need to make sure absolutely no air is in the system. Air in the system can cause water pump failure and in the end engine failure.

Did you re-set the ECU after relacing the temp sensor? to do so disconnect the ECU fuse or Battery for 10 minutes. Hope it's not the water pump that's failed. Right PITA to change.

Front wings - ebay ;) Look out for rust free second hand items. They are like rocking horse sh...... though. and bidding wars are plentyfull. It's quite funny to see people bidding for more than what they are worth new.

New front wings are availble from other sources too, but all are over £100

Central locking, depends on the age of the car pre '85 - '87 cars could only be done from the door card switch. Post '87 car could be done via the door locks. There is a dubious period of 86/87 cars as they are refered to as "crossover" cars because it seamed Toyota used whatever was readily availble to build the things. There are possibly over 200 differences between the '85-'87 (refered to as MK1a) and the post '87 (refered to as MK1b). Then the crossover cars are hit and miss - there seems to be no consistancy.

Check out the MK1 club site for loads of info:

The site is dificult to navigate, but we are in the process of getting quotes to re-vamp it.

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