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Another User Saves With Gold....


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Well, just got back from Scot's last night, he'ld been shopping yesterday and managed to save £100 in one day by going Gold, OK £75 after paying for Gold Membership but still not bad going for one days hit...

For members who haven't answered before it would be good to hear the reasons you don't consider going Gold.

Considering that £25 will not only support the club and prevent the question of having to add pop-ups so that we can get money to keep the club going through advertising and entitling you to a number of discount schemes at various car companies and Toyota Dealers (Parts, Service & Labour) not to mention web companies, holiday firms etc...

I'm suprised as 80% of LOC are Gold members where people over here on this forum just do not seem interested. All monies go back into the club and not a penny of it go into someones pocket, web-hosting, flyers, show entrance's etc all cost money to which TOC is contributing very little....

So come on help us out, give us the reasons you don't want to go gold...

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Yep.... lots more toy for us to play with. But WOW i was suprised how laid back fensport where!!!! No sales people their at all, very helpfull, Strange looking place aswell - not where i would expet to find loads (7 - 10) of GT-4 ish cars

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Whatever you need for your PASEO, there will be somewhere in GOLD that could help. It's not just discounted parts though. Servicing is included at various outlets aswell as many other offers car and non-car related.

To TOP it all though you get an exclusive GOLD members card, stickers, hot news, hot offers, and you will be helping TOC grow.....

There really is nothing to lose by joining. :thumbsup:

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its defo worth it peeps..........savings on all sorts of stuff............talking of stickers did someone mention something about Gold members stickers for the motors (ryan)..

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i did today. its worth the 25 quid, you name goes yellow at the bottom, look. hehe.

oh yeah, and there something about discounts aswell....

look at my yellow name, hehe

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this little advertising thread seemed to work wel didnt it?



wouldn't call it advertising per se - I always post about my savings just so people can see what they are missing out on.

My tyres for instance - £25 subscription and saved £40 on tyres - decent tyres too (Toyo Proxes).

everyone needs tyres, and if you have a decent sized wheel, its an expensive affair replacing them.

just being friendly pointing out that you can get really good savings on tyres by going gold - you know that the tyres is a discount you are going to use sooner or later.

As far as I am concerned - this is a saving of well over £50 a corner, as previously I had been getting Bridgestone Potenzas fitted by the dealer, which were in excess of £140 each - so this is a great saving for me B)

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