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Redesigned Rav4


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Things updates that I have noticed, Alloy Wheels (Steel wheels just the same), Front bumper with bigger fog lamps, Front headlamps now have the indicators built-in and Japan get HID's (Fingers crossed for Europe) and rear lights have been redesigned, Front Grille (Prefer my accesory one I have my RAV4), New seat design and seat cloth colors, Steering Wheel, Central Console redesigned, Automatic Climate Control (Which hopefully Europe will get as the Japan have always had Automatic Climate Control for 2001-2003 RAV4's), Side Airbags (Front and Rear) and finially clear side indicators (Though I bought a set for my RAV4 :) ).

Hopefully the European specifications info is not far away, I was hoping that the 2.4L engine might appear, Toyota USA seem to be getting 2.4L engine for 2004 RAV4. Other things I would like to know is if the European RAV4's will have VSC+TRC (Vehicle Stability Control and Tractional Control) and if Europe gets the 2.4L a better five speed Automatic Gearbox with nice steering wheel with buttons to change the gears would be good.

O'well better start saving my pennies trade my 2001 RAV4 VX for a new 2004 RAV4 VX or is it T-Spirit :) either late this year or early next year :)

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