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Who Needs An Estate Car

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Well, I've spent the last week being a busy boy - I've been drumming for a local production of Fame (I wanna live for-ever, I wanna learn how to fly! FAME! etc etc etc). Tonight was the last night, and a horrid realisation came over me - I had 2 drum kits there (the kit i used for the show, and the kit used on stage by the actors), and only 1 Celica to fit them in to. Hmmmmm.... Can it be done? Oh yes...

So I thought I'd share with you all the picture of all the gear I've just unloaded from my car:


And the bit I'm most proud of, I got it all in first time, no readjustments or anythin! :D To give you an idea of sizes, that silver case is about 12" high, and about 15" wide, and the 2 long cases are over 40" long. The whole lot is currently occupying about 6 foot by 4 foot, and stands about 4 foot high in my lounge!

For those not familiar with drums at all thats...

my stick case (silver one)

a fan (it gets a little warm playing under so much stage lighting!)

a roll of carpet to stop things sliding around

My Arbitor Flats kit (Bass Drum, 3 toms, 2 snare drums - stage kit)

8 Cymbals

all the supporting hardware for the Arbitor & cymbals

2 bass drum pedals (one single, one double)

2 stools

A 15", 400w powered cab to for my electric kit monitor cab.

My Roland TD12 Electric kit (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, 3 Toms, 5 Cymbals, Drum Rack, and Drum 'Brain' - my show kit) - pic:


Well, I was impressed... Well done to the loading capacity of the Celica! Why would you ever need an Estate car?? :D

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When at a car show, me & my friend were looking at different cars (this was a couple of years back mind)

She wanted something with a big boot, preferably an estate, as she's a teacher and has lots of boxes of files and papers to transport around....

I joked with her that I was concerned with this "big boot" fetish and assumed she was killing people and wanted a massive boot to hide the bodies :D

Anyway, we got to the Celica and the boot was ginormous! And from that day on, the Celica has always been a car that "holds lots of dead bodies" to me.... always makes me giggle thinking of it! :lol:

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Well you have a Yaris, so you *hopefully* arn't into the whole carrying bodies thing. Unless you borrow the Celica on weekends?

Someone today asked how you would fit a sub or anything in the boot. Everyone gives the oooo when they see how large it is. Still not having a sub thou.

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