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T-sport Rob

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Hi all. I'm looking at getting a T sport but just wanted to ask a few questions on them. What's the phase 1 and phase 2 all about? Think I know difference but when did the phase 2 come out? Also what sort of standard extras do you get? Do they redline at 6500 or they go further like the celica?

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Welcome to TOC Rob :thumbsup:

take a looky here

mk 1 & mk2 differences

the mk 2 came out in 2003 around september.

There is also a number of int diffences too, the best thing to do is go to a dealer that has both,in the same colour and take a look.

As standard you'll have alarm / abs / alloys / aircon / sunroof / ele windows / the list goes on :yes:

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The phase 2 came out on a late 03 plate; there are cosmetic and safety improvements on the P2.

A quick visual guide for the untrained eye will be bigger headlights the roof aerial is at the back and different front and rear bumpers.

The best improvements are the ones you can’t see in regards to safety.

The Yaris T Sport is fully loaded with all the toys you will need as standard.

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The P1 Yaris scored 29 out of a maximum of 34 points in the EuroNCAP crash tests earning it 4 out of 5 stars.

Things it failed on at the time included the rear centre lap belt, which was up rated to a 3 point belt on the P2.

Side impact protection, side airbags are now standard on the T Sport P2 with special head impact protection.

It now has strengthened ‘A’ pillars and reinforced sills, ABS with EBD as standard amongst other things.

The Yaris is not only a good looking great performing reliable car; it’s also a tough cookie as several people on here can testify.

Am I selling mine?

No way!


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Got a Corsa 1.2 sxi atm. Was looking at getting a 1.8 SRI but i'm swaying towards the Yaris now. Wanna go Jap. Wont be getting til Jan when I have a pay review. Really impressed with the insurance too. Also how the hell does a 1.5 get to 60 so quick. I've seen 1.6 sporty numbers like the zetec s which doesn't get upto there until 10 secs. I'm very impressed.

Can't find any pics of the speedometer though. Wanna see a close up of one. Anyone got any pics?

Ta. Rob

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