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How To: Diy Oil Change


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Right, I did an oil change yesterday and while not exactly hard I thought I would take some pictures so that owners can steer clear of the horrific stealer charges.

First things first you will need:

1. Trolley jack (optional) - you can actually do it without a trolley jack if your oil collecting tray is shallow

2. Oil collecting tray (I use one of those addis plastic box things).

3. Oil Filter wrench

4. Oil 4.2 litres on a corolla T sport

5. Sump Plug washer

6. Oil filter

7. Engine Flush (optional) - if your car is old don't use this

1. First thing to do is to pour in the flush. Remove the oil filler cap and pour in the flush, if messy use a funnel. if you aren't flushing your engine proceed to step 2.






2. Next step is to either take your car for a 10minute drive at below 3000RPM or leave it stationary and let the engine temperature come up. This step is vital as oil is generally thick when its cold. So getting the oil hot is beneficial for a good change.

3. jack the car up. The easiest place to jack the car up is the wheel changing point, I have a trolley jack so I use the centre jack point on the front of the car, have a look in the manual and it will show you where to jack if you are unsure. If you don't have axle stands, then get a few bricks and put them under your tyres as the car comes up.


4. Next step is to remove the sump plug (its actually a bolt). It is a 14mm socket on *most* toyotas. It is pretty easy to spot as its on the corner of what looks like a tank (for the untechnical folk!) and points kind of downwards. Make sure your oil collecting tank is position accordingly!

The position of the plug is towards the drivers side front wheel (on a right hand drive car). Once located, get your socket over it and turn it slowly anticlockwise, oil will start to drip out. As the oil is hot I would strongly suggest you get a pair of pliers and rotate the bolt as its HOT! DO NOT LET THE Bolt drop into the oil as its ballache to have to faff with oily bolts.





After a while the gushing oil will decend to a drip. If you want a thorought oil change leave it for about 1 hour and that will get 95% of the crap out.

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5. after you have removed the sump plug, the washer *washer* should be replaced. You can get away without changing but seeing as the washer comes in the kit with the oil filter you may as well do it anyway. Get a screwdriver and pry the old washer away from the bolt.


6. Put the new washer onto the sump plug. As you can see the colour is not the same


7. Clean the bottom of the sump with a rag at the point where the plug goes in then put the sump plug back into the bottom of the sump. Screw it hand tight then get your ratchet over and tighten until its tight, no need for a breaker bar! if you have a torque wrench 30Nm is sufficient to compress the washer.


8. Now is a good time to get the new filter ready, get some oil from your new can and rub it onto the O ring that goes over the top of the filter, this will improve the seal.


9. Time to attack the filter on the bottom of the car, this is located usually towards the bottom of the block on most toyotas although there are variations. On a corolla T sport, its at the front of the block close to the sump. I have taken a few pictures of it but access is easiest from the bottom of the car.

Get your oil filter wrench over it and turn it anti-clockwise, oil will start to drip, so get the tray ready.






10. Once the initial tightness of the filter has been overcome, the filter will simply unscrew off by hand. then you will be left with a flange face and a threaded connector, clean these free of dirt and crap with a rag. Note in this picture its in the foreground but well out of focus!


11. Install the new filter, simply screw it on clockwise and tighten until it is Hand tight.


12. Refill the car with oil


Thats it, JOB DONE! :thumbsup:

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