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Blue TS

Exhaust Query.....?

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Hello All,

Im on a high at the mo, got a HKS back box last week & ordered my Envy decat system yesterday along

with my G Tech performance metre!!!

Cant wait till it all arrives, improved performance & accurate testing.....0-60, 60-0, 0-100, cornering G's etc.

Im now wondering whether wot ive done is wise, as my bro has just got a similar style universal HKS

exhaust fitted with NO other performance mods on his clio & the sound inside the car is phernominal!

Sat at 70mph on the M'way with all windows up i cud'nt here my self think. I know there are a few of you

guys with similar exhaust set ups (Envy Decat & Backbox), just wondering wot the noise is like inside the

cabin??? Honestly! I kno its down to personel opinion & i do love aggressive sounding motors, but is it likely

to drive me MAD.

All feedback much appreciated.



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Hey, i have the fujitsubo with the envy sports cat and mid section, which is just as loud or louder than some decats ive heard... its not for the faint harted lets just say that :lol:

Honestly though, i wouldnt worry about it, you wil get used to it, its not stupid, and it can be driven quietly you just need to learn, but to be honest like most of us you will struggle as u wil want to hear it. the sound is immence.

If its starting to get you down im sure you can get a bung for it to fit for those times when u want some quiet

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Where did your bro get a universal HKS from ?

i work for a HKS dealer and i've never heard of one

[not saying you cant get one]

but HKS is not loud, they give a nice subtle burbble esp if you still have a cat on too.

The full systems alot of our members use are way to loud for me,

just ask clarky :lol:

kimi xxx

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Im sure i'll get used to it Chuck. :unsure: Not sure if i'll be able to drive it quietly if i kno it's there tho :P

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, im like a kiddy at Xmas!!! :rolleyes:

My bro got his HKS from some Internet performance motorsport gaf down south!

HKS do Universal cause i was on the website not long ago & they've got a full universal range.

Did'nt kno myself until a few weeks ago!

Does anyone kno of the improvement from this set up? (Envy De/Sports cats & backbox)

Will i feel the difference when i get back in the car after fitment? & Has anyone used one of these G Tech

metres B4?

Cheers Guyz... (& Galz) :thumbsup:

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My car is loud above 4k rpm, I've got a Blitz Nurspec backbox and a Exhausts UK Centre section & De-Cat pipe. Thanks to the de-cat it rasps a lot more now, have quite a few comments saying the car sounds insane when its being thrashed.

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ive got the same set up as chuck mate and it sounds fantastic. if u wanna meet up some time to have a listen to give u an idea drop me a pm or add me on msn. looks like your local to me

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