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Annoying Rattles & Squeaks

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I have recently changed my Honda HR-V for a year 2002 RAV4.

Whilst I'm quite happy with the drive, I have to say that I have never owned a noisier car.

The road noise is very noticeable, which I will hopefully reduce when new tyres are required. (Toyo's fitted at the moment)

But the most annoying noises are from inside the car.

There are rattles from the rear of the car, which could be coming from the boot cover.

When I'm driving over a poor piece of road, it seems to wake an aviery of budgies somewhere round the dash (at least I think that's where the squeaks are coming from, it's not easy to tell when you're driving)

If anyone else has had similar problems, did you cure them? what did you do? (don't say turn the radio up)

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Must be just mine then?


I have a year 2002 RAV4 and yes there are some annoying rattles and squeeks :ffs: the worst culprit is the rear parcel shelf rubbing on it's mounts, I places some fuzzy felt along the mouldings where it rests and sorted it from squeeking :yahoo:

other bits and bobs my wife and daughter leave in the door pockets roll around and :ffs: me....some versions had an annoying dash rattle and I believe there is a fix for this....

Sorry got info from Dash Ratle


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Chatman & Jonbr. Thanks for your help. These other posts describe exactly the problems I have, so I will work through some of the fixes & hope for the best

Thanks again

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