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Is There Any Damage Done?


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i took my son drving in the corolla t3 tonight and as he was driving i dont know what he was thinking but he accidently tpuch reverse while the car was doing about 25mph all the was heard was a grinding noise.

do you think any damage was done?

thqanks in advance


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as long as it didn't engage reverse while going forward everything should be fine :thumbsup:

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PI100..given the horrendous cost of a gearbox rebuild, you should have the gearbox Oil changed as soon as possible. Make sure it is hot and keep a sample of around 200mls, in a sealed bottle.

Castrol, used to, and I'm sure still do, offer an Oil analysis service, it fully analyses the Oil for contamination etc, and then sends you a comprehensive written report. It was not too expensive, and I used to use it for engine Oil changes on a Volvo F7 I was looking after.

Your gearbox is probably OK if you now have no extra whining, or selection problems but you do need to get rid of metal swarf that'll cause wear and synchro issues down the track...do the Castrol thing.

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