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ive just uploaded my first web site and would like to have your opinions

also i want to put the TOC logo onit as a link too can any one send me one



My Webpage

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Nice site mate :thumbsup:

If I offer only one piece of critisism (constructively) is to reduce the file size of the photo's on the main page as it takes forever to load using a dial-up (56k modem).

Other than that a damn good site - nicely layed out and good colour combination making very easy on the eyes :D

Well done :thumbsup:

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Great, but give me more pics of the engine enternals.... lets see cams, valvesm the head!!!!! let me chew it and digest!!! its great to see how other people build their engines :D :D

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you can have it for the resonable sum of £13,000 thats about what its cost so far. :eek:

i hope to take photos of the rebuild as it happens , still using the original cams head etc :thumbsup:

thanks for the input guys will have to do something with the photos forget that not everyone is on broadband sorry :thumbsup:

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