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Paseo / Cynos Wiring Info - Disconnect Bleeper

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Hi, just wondering if anyone knew about how to disconnect that annoying bleeping when you stick it into reverse (96 Cynos/Paseo, convertible, 1300 auto) ... it also bleeps (actually a continuous tone) when you stick the key in the ignition and the doors open

either disconnect the wire or disable the beeper

any info would be appreciated ... thanks a lot


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well figured it out ... wasnt so hard ... remove panel below steering wheel ... pull out white box (below fuses) which is some kind of relay switch ... the beeper is inside, simply disconnect (however u will lose lights beeper too!)

i just wanted to update this because this will work for the key in the ignition beeper & lights beeper but not the reverse beeper (sorry if i put anyone crook!!)

to disconnect the reverse beeper, pull out the dash panel (pretty easy just one screw & 2 clips). when u get the instrument panel loose, pull it towards you and on the left side there is a white plug. disconnect (or just reach in) and cut the red/black wire - this is the wire linking to the reverse beeper.

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