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Celica St202 Brake Problems

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Hello All

I have a ST202, my front brakes are very poor, i have replaced disks, pads, many many times, freed the cal's up as the slides get stuck, i've had stainless steels slides made still no good. :crybaby:

Can any one help me.

I was wondering do the front brakes of a GT4 fit onto the hub of my GT model

:yahoo: Cheers Davy :thumbsup:

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Hi, it's quite unusual to have poor brakes on an ST202. They are usually more than adequate for the power available. You can get GT4 brakes to fit but as I said the standard brakes do work well. They are not 'lightly tap them and you go through the windscreen' like some modern cars, you have to actually press the peddle down but when you do they should definately stop you well enough. Could there be a problem other than pads and discs or are you just expecting them to be better? Has anyone else drove it and said they were crap?

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hi there they should fit but you might need to change the hub's for the one's from a st205 but i must agree with cell steve that the brakes are more than good enough on my st202 i can stop on a button sounds like your caliper's are seezing on ................. good luck whatever you do

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Cheers for the help men,

when i fit new pads disks and free the slides (always the bottom ones) i have ok brakes nothing great, I'm over in Northern Ireland lads and are road are poor (class for me as i rally), but the brakes take a real hammering, thats why i was thinking would gt4 setup help,

Davy :thumbsup:

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