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Side Pipes For My Paseo? Yes Or No?

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Hey everyone! My friend chad and I were out lookin at my car.. and since i hit a huge rock last week, and totally f :censor: ed up my exhaust.. we were thinkin of ways to get bigger and better exhaust.. when the idea hit me..

Get side pipes for my exhaust.. i would cut a hole out of my sideskirts, and get a local muffler shop to custom make the tips to fit the holes.. wouldnt that be BAD *****???? and have 2 1/4 inch piping from the header back.. and have dual pipes.. tell me what u think of this idea.. cuz u normally dont see this on imports.. u only see them on muscle cars.. and/or trucks.. thanks

Adam :D

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Are you thinking about sidepipes like the older vettes have? I don't think that would be for me. but if you wanted to try having the exhaust exit from somewhere other than the back that might be cool. if you could fab up some holes in front of the rear tires or something and have just the tip showing cut flush with the body. just an idea.

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yea.. that's exactly what I'm talkin about.. I was thinkin of cuttin a holes in my sideskirts.. and having pipes not like stickin out of the holes.. but just at the holes.. i think it'd be sweet! but i'm not sure yet.. still pondering ideas.. lol.. thanks for all ur comments!!! :thumbsup:

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I was thinking about doing that same thing. Accually {sp} my body man thought it would be a cool idea. He said he would cut the holes for free. Just got to find a muffler place that would costumize it. so i might still do it, im not sure though. I dont want it to end up looking stupid. :eek: Ill post picsif i end up doing it though.

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