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:( :( :(

Karma Supra

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Been working on the car all day.. prepping the new brakes, got the new roof sorted gearbox ready to go in all good.... so I decided to take off that annoying dump valve (anyone thats heard it will know how LOUD it was!) I replaced the "T" piece that was used to fit it with a straight bit of pipe.. put on the jubalee clips.. sorted.. job done...

Took her for a drive.... finally got rid off the coffin dodger in a rover at the emmergreen roundabout.. floored it to make sure I was not leaking boost...

Slight pop big woosh engine stalled... not worried or suprised.. its only the hose popping off.. I'll just bung it back on.... my own fault for not doing it up tight enough The thread seemed to be stripped... :ffs:

Boost hose blew off at full boost…meaning the engine stalled and the turbos spinning at full speed lost their oil supply... and self destructed.. all cause I didn’t put on a jubalee clip tight enough

he car now whines like mad and I'm scared to drive it incase I damage the turbos so badly they can't be rebuilt.. or worse still they seize and shatter the impellors sending bits into the engine! :blink:

What a :censor: start to a :censor: week that already started of :censor: :( :( :(

looks like my savings are dry now from when I quit my job to so I'll have to try and find another.. then just not have enough time to fix my car

so frustreated and :censor: off :crybaby:

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shame mate. i like your roofless car aswell

but.. mat is selling his stock turbos off of his mk4.. im not 100 % but im sure the mk3 uses CT12 turbos... talk to him, im sure he'll help you out

if not, your gunna have to get a rebuild. you can pick up kits for about 60 quid if your comfy doing it yourself...

sorry though mate, bet your heart broken.

no roof and no tubbys :(

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I got a roof now ;) got big drilled and vented disks.. new clutch race pads.... all sorted..

as well while the car is of the road I might as well polish up all the intercooler pipes.. rocker covers.. etc etc...

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well there not a lot I can do to speed up the repair time.. might as well try and malke something out of it... if I don't I WILL just sulk.

I've always had a thing for shiney engines :drool:

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