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Gen7 Aux. Belt Squeeling

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My brother has a 52plate 190 with 46k miles and it is making an awful squeel, I've had a look and am 99% sure it is the aux belt. Unfortunately it doesnt have a convenient little bolt to tighten the belt. There must be a very simple way of increasing the tension without taking it to an expensive garage?

Photos would help if possible,


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Its a hydraulic tensioner on the new gen Celicas. Its probably on its way out. There's a lot of feedback on here about them if u wanna search the forum matey :thumbsup:

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Just in case anyone else searches this post, my 190 is doing the same, make sure your crankshaft pulley is all there! I couldn't see anything else wrong with mine until I saw what the pulley should look like :biggrin:

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