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I'm New And I Need Help Please!

K'os Wolf

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Hi to everyone, I am new to this forum and have only had my MR2 for 6 months now. My only regret about buying my MR2 is.......... I should of bought one earlier. She is a 1990 MKII Import and she is beautiful :drool:

I'm in need of help please.

How do I remove the clock (the one with the time on not the speed'o) on my dash and also how do I remove the electric window switch unit thingy on both the drivers side and the passenger side.

Thank you in advance :thumbsup:


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Hi K'os - great choice of motor and welcome to TOC and all things Toyota and beyond.

I bet there an MR2 junkie around here somewhere that will help you out.

Gordy...... :thumbsup:

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The electric window thingy's pop out, should be easy enough but you have to use some force, be careful not to breake the clips...

The safest way to do it although a PITA is to remove the door cards, remove the screws at the bottom of the door, the screws where the handle to get out is and it should slide upwards...

AS for the clock never tried it...

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be careful not to breake the clips...

Yep wise words wasn't quite careful enough myself - now have to glue the drivers side switch panel into the door :(

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The front of the clock just pulls off .. so the actual clock bit goes back & down into the stereo area and the front just comes away .. I've got my turbo timer hidden where the clock used to be.

The door window switches, prise the tops off and then slide them forward and up. Otherwise the clip at the bottom will brake ..

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