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2 Litre Petrol Ecu/software Upgrade?

Avensis wagon

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Just booked a service and was asked about possible problems I wanted looking at.

I mentioned that the engine usually runs a little rough when the revs are low and I'm light on the pedal, very noticeably at low speeds in second gear. It's always OK if I put my foot down, but hardly the point.

One mechanic has said that's just the way the 2 litre is below 3000 rpm, but the people I booked the service from have said that it is a known issue and that a software upgrade is now available (and they can do it) or failing that we get a new ECU.

Anyone else heard this / had similar occurrences and advice?

*Other news while I was at the dealer's is that Finland is the only place in Europe where the latest Avensis comes with rub strips on the doors as standard, and that a totally new Avensis is due in 2008 (which my dealer suggested would be a great time to trade in for a new car after only three years -- I thought I might keep it for five!)

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For anyone who's interested, just had the software upgrade and the engine runs as smooth as silk even at low rpms. Much more pleasant to drive. Highly recommended to all petrol 2.0 litre VVT-i owners who feel their engines run roughly at low rpms unless they put their foot down.

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