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Which Dvd & Sat Nav


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I'm gonna be upgrading my ICE system and am strongly considering getting a DVD & Sat nav system (if and when I get my car back :( )... but I have one wee problem I don't know which one to go for :unsure: .... my requirements are:

It has to be dash mounted

Motorised screen that comes out of the head unit

Supports CD & MP3 playback

Removable Facia

Must be attachable to a CD Changer that supports MP3 playback

I've been looking at the Pioneer DVD Navigation Package AVIC-900HVT... but the problem is it's a bit pricey and I don't know what mp3 cd changers it supports. What I really want to know is what one I should go for bearing in mind that I don't wanna spend too much money.

Well peeps I hope u can shed some light on confusion.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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Hi Kash,

The Pionner System is good, with its inbuilt memory it allows you to take out the map data disk during route guidance, and insert a music or mp3 disk.

I can get this unit for £799, plus £29 if you want the remote control that seriously make life easy when entering route information.

Please note that this unit has no flip out screen. This is also a very good priced system, the other I would recommend in a similar style is the alpine single din unit, which has MP3 changer option, but the base price for this is £999. Sat Nav is expensive, I was suprised to see that these systems are now less than a 1000.

You mentioned flip out screens - these are available but few have a fully removeable facia - as the end of the screen when closed forms part of the facia - and so can't be removed. Sat Nav systems that use the full flip out screen are generally more expensive as they show you a whole full colour map of your current location and surrounding area, rather than the smaller screen units such as the pioneeer that you were looking at which does turn by turn diagrams and running comentry.

If you were looking at a flip out screen system, you are basically looking at £1300 for the DVD Sat Nav Processor, £950 for the dash mounted flip out screen with Navi input and CD Changer Control, £170 for the MP3 CD Changer (all alpine example - others maybe cheaper).

So as you can see the pioneer is a very good priced unit, and in comparison not pricey at all :o



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consider alpine too... im in the same dilema as yourself, but i want my screen fixed flush into the centre console so it looks like its part of it.... having trouble finding an ideal screen size whose coffin would fit in the dash....

steve, had ur op yet mate? u been awol for a while aint ya?

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I can get this unit for £799, plus £29 if you want the remote control that seriously make life easy when entering route information.

Cheers Steve :thumbsup: .... I might just take u up on that when my car comes back.... not too long I hope!!!!

Are there any advantages of having a fixed screen as opposed to a flip out one??? Thought it might be a bit of a security issue... some inconsiderate thief may just break in get their grubby hands on it, that's why I thought of getting a removable front panel.

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