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I've Not Been On Here For A While


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Just a quick hello, while I have access to the internet. Things have changed quite alot over the past few months for me, but finally at the beggining of september I made the move to start fresh with my girlfriend, so we made the move back down to Gainsborough where she was brought up. After 2 weeks of going down there everyday from pontefract to search for a suitable house, we found this one... Its a fresh 3 storey new build, with 3 bedrooms...

The first floor has the kitchen ( which isnt that big), a utility room and the living room (which is quite big), and patio doors to the back garden. The second floor has 2 double bedrooms and a large bathroom. The third floor is one huge bedroom with an ensuite bathroom...

just a few pics from my phone...







oh yeah and I have a garage :D so the MR2 is all polished and waxed and is being kept in there over the winter while I do a few repairs/modifications...


Im absolutely over the moon with how things have turned out, its been alot of hard work, stress, and money but its all coming together...

Wishing you all well, and no doubt ill speak to a few of you later... :thumbsup:

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too right young kev, thats how bedrooms are made to be :lol:

A garage was right at the top of my check list when getting the house, I dont think I could go without one again.... :yahoo:

cheers lads

oh and I bought a kitten yesterday, im gonna have to train it to stay away from the car lol :P

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Told ya before dazzy w, come when you like... 2 weeks time is fine moff......

Good idea with the bbq anne, we will have to sort something out :D

same for both of you jj and ash, you're welcome anytime

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Nice one Dale.... house looks lovely, looks like you've done really well for yourself mate :thumbsup:

All the best.... and dont worry about the kitten, they dont like loud noises, so just rev the '2 a bit and he/she'll soon learn not to go near the car :D

Thats no reason to try and deafen your cat mind.... :lol:

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