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Ae86 Corolla


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Hey my name is Manny and a friend recommended me to the forum to see what I can do about selling my car.

As you can see it is an AE86 corolla in pretty good condition. Sorry no camera, no picture's. I used it as my daily driver until I bought myself a new truck. Nothing is wrong with it and I took well good care of me. The car is originally an "Arizona" car which means that the body has absolutly no rust on it. Not the greatest paint job in the world but a few more clear coats and it will look awsome. I didn't bother putting too much clear coat on it because I was going for a satin look.

I myself am a ASE certified mechanic and took great care of the car. Interior is imaculate. When I bought the car it had a beaten 3T-C engine and I bought a new 4A-C engine and droped it in there. The engine only has about 15,000 miles on it but the rest of the car has about 150,000 on it. From there the carburetor was profesionally rebuilt as well as the rear differential. New clutch put in on engine install and cooling system flushed and serviced. Synthetic oil's are run in the tranny and differential and the engine oil was changed every 3,000 miles. The car will take you from LA to NY with no problems.

I'm asking 2,000 for the car and everything in it. That means my pioneer deck stay's in. lol

If anyone is interested and can get to the Tucson Arizona metro area let me know. (520) 241-4569

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