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Running A Supra Mk3


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Does anyone own a MK3 Supra 3L N/A? Just wondering how many miles you get out of 20 quid of fuel. Had a Rolla G6 and you can get bout 200 miles on 20 quid! Just couldn't handle the lack of power any longer!

Hi got 3.0i 92j plate. get 75 miles to £20. round town. increases tremendously on motorway journeys.

had supras 14yrs now. ( 2 models)

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Thats not too bad. I live in a rural location so most roads are 60mph so should be more economical for me I guess. Thinking of getting an ecotek valve as apparently it can save petrol costs up to 30%. Although I don't know anyone whos had one to reccomend them.

I take it you like your supras then!!

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Do NOT fit an ecotek valve.

The best way to ensure decent economy on a mkiii is get it running perfectly. make sure it is ian good state of tune, regularly serviced, change the lambda if you don't know when it was last changed.

I used to get 400 miles to a tank on my K plate turbo Auto.

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