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Supra Issues


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Have a few issues with my new supra its a MK3 1992 K Reg N/A

the drivers door lock barrel has been damaged. Looks like some wally has tried to break into my car and the lock is ruined. There was a bit of broken knife jammed in the lock which I removed. Any idea if I can get a new barrel lock that can be made to the same key as the other barrels and how much and where I can get this done???

I also have a remote full closure alarm but don't know how to re-set it as its not working - handset thing is ok and Battery is new but it doesn't work. Does anyone have a guide for a toyota full closure alarm system as might need to re-install it to try and get it to work again.

Also there is a bit of white smoke on start up which goes shortly after the car has warmed up. The car has had a new cylinder head and a skim and new gasket 20k miles ago. Was told could be water in exhaust as its rained loads the last few days. Any ideas?

Has anyone tried the turtle wax with dye in it? Any good - just T cut car and colour has come back well and was told to use this special wax with black dye in it.

Any help or advice would be really helpful, cheers

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Hi Russ have just bought a 92 MK3 myself and was going to give it a wax / tcut just wanted to know if you Tcuted it by hand or used a polishing machine as I havent used Tcut before and quite dubious of how far you can go with it.



Me and my girl spent 4 hours T cutting by hand. You really have to work hard when you are doing this by hand - tip is not to let it dry otherwise you'll be there all night trying to rub it in. You don't need to use much its the rubbing in thats important but brings up the paint work like new. I've used a buffering machine to do this before its a bit quicker, well worth doing though.

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Bit of white smoke on startup is most likely condensation, wouldn't worry about it too much if it goes away after a few minutes. They're big engines and big exhausts so it'll take a little longer than smaller cars to clear.

No idea about the alarm though sorry.

Not a big fan of the turtle wax colour restore stuff myself, if you've got the colour to come up well with T-Cut I'd just use a standard polish and wax on it.

T-Cut will work to restore the paint and on a solid colour you'd have to go some to do any damage. I find Meguiars ScratchX is better though, seems to do the job quicker and doesn't dry so fast. It is more expensive though. If you do let either one get too dry just put some more on over the top and then wipe it all off in one go, far easier than spending hours trying to get the dried on stuff off again :)

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