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Hello, Hoping This Is The Right Place...


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Just found this place from google and hoping you guys can offer some help...

Am living in Hampshire and looking to change cars again, I'm looking to spend around £2000 on a Toyota but not sure which ones are out there that would be fun to drive and reliable at that price. Are there any or am I barking up the wrong tree....

Hope you guys can offer some advice....

Not too cheeky for a first post I hope ?

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Hiya and welcome to TOC.

I you want a TOYOTA then you have certainely come to the RIGHT place for advice.

£2000 can give you several options but you should narrow down a potential list and say whether you prefer a car like MR2, Celica, Supra or Corrolla or whatever........ They are many different cars. What do you wish for?

Take a look around the site, in the gallery, read comments and you should get all the answers. Just ask if you want to know something. We can all help with something or the other.

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Gordypix, thanks for the quick repsonse...

Am looking for something that would be cheap to insure yet quick enough to throw arounda track (do you guys do track days ???) Ideally would have to look in good condition and be reasonably practicle, actually scrap that bit, end of the day as long as it'll get me from A to B reliably, not cost me an arm and a leg to run and hold the road pretty well I'll be happy....

So much stuff going on at the moment I really don't know what is going on so am posting all over the place to see what sort of things people suggest although everyone I know with a Toyota seems more than happy with them :D

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Check out our club meets section for club related stuff coming up. There are some 'run what ya bring' events in the near future that some members will be attending.

How about an MR2 - they rock, are reasonably priced, reliable, handle well, are fully modifiable if required, look great, fast, will get you from a to b and back to a again, stick to a road like glue.

Loads of peeps have 'em on TOC and they swear by them. I believe they come in at around 16 insurance group. Maybe that is too high, but get quotes.


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Ryan (one of our Super Mod's) is selling his MR2 :crybaby: I think it's a bit more than you wanted to spend... but it is an ace car... and I know he's had it round Castle Combe once or twice... talk about a car for all seasons..

Being a Toyota its reliable... but it doesn't mean it aint gonna be a lot of fun...

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for that kind of money, you'd be looking at a ropey Mk2 MR2, or a mint Mk1.

don't discount the AE82/AE86/AE92 corolla. (mine is the AE82, the AE86 is the rwd version, and the AE92 replaced the AE82). all of these have basically the same engine as the Mk1 MR2, but in the case of the AE82/86 are only group 10 insurance. they are still quick though, and come with factory fitted strutbraces and weigh under 1 tonne.

any of that lot would make an ace track car.

let us know what you decide on.

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