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Installing After Market Stereo In 2001 Corolla


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Hi Everyone,

I am considering removing the factory fitted stereo / radio cassette from my 2001 Corolla (old shape - E11?) and am looking for some advice. I have searched the forums and havent found any information. I have had a look around the internet and cant seem to find the correct facia adapter, I have had a look at www.autoleads.co.uk/database/Corolla.html and the fp-11-04 model they are suggesting doesnt look like it will fit, has anyone replaced the stereo and if so which adapter and leads did you buy? Also any hints for removing the stereo from the dash?

The dash (click thumbnails for larger picture):



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there was a topic... but i cannot bother searching, so i'll answer to you quickly :)

HU is installed on the upper DIN, instead of old cassete-player:


it's all very logical, you don't need to change any of the existing connectors.

Only problem is space - you'll need to install new stereo without its factory frame.

But it looks fine anyway.

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i have 2000 rolla same interior as that! i got an e11 interior and put the radio on the top and got a big pocket from an e11 to put below!! one problem i dont have a clock and i lost the temp gauge ect...

but i can live with it to get rid of that ugly standard radio!!

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Thanks everyone, evntually got round to fit the stereo last weekend (opted for a JVC-KD-G722), didn't need a facia adapter just a PC2-17-4 wiring adapter.

I installed it in the upper DIN just like in the picture from dovlagsi. I pretty much followed the instructions in this post by ae111sr and londoners pictures above, so thanks one and all.

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