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What Fits What Reguarding Engines


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Just tore down the 1.8 litre I pulled from the prizm. It's a 7afe. Put in a new one which I found in a salvage yard for 650$. get this, It had 819 miles. just needed a couple bits from the original and she goes now, pretty well for what it is.

So now that I've got a spare lying around I want to rebuild it. I'm looking for a very comprehensive list of all the parts from all the engines with parts that can intermingle. I need actual dimesions.

here's what I mean:

crankshaft- which ones fit,stroke,journal sizes,forged?

rods--------length,forged? hole sizes.

pistons---- forged? floating or pressed. c/r in original engine?

And of coubik heads--- looking for independent dohc, biggest valves, biggest ports. or maybe cam swapping

intake manifold too.


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Found some info but not very detailed. Though I did discover that my car was originally a 4afe not a 7afe like I thought. So I have determined that the two can be swapped without any problems. Big woop hey?

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