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Nitrous On Sera

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engine is damaged not blown up much. gettin sorted by evolution there engineer is even lending me his car result! The clutch gets a battering yes but not as much as the fast and furious show it just feels like a turbo kicking in the wheels dont spin u dont get torque steer just a push that is enough to embaress anyone ur racing. however as im no where near finishing the engine mods i am looking for a new clutch what you recommend ??

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Clutch - TRD list a clutch, together with a limited slip diff for the Sera. I think I can get an uprated clutch at sensible prices...

Brakes - drilled & grooved front discs, with Pagid pads and racing brake fluid.

Suspension - lowering and stiffening kit to help reduce pitch of car under acceleration / braking. Also helps around corners.

What engine mods are you getting? Would be interested as there isn't much for the 5E-FHE engine.

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