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Engine Troubles


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Help please

im 17 and i baught a 78 corolla, ive had since i was 16 but now its developin some problems extremely hard to start when startin until warm it miss fires and back fires consantly i have put new plugs new leads tried a new coil nothing sems to work please help im startin to get frustrated

also if i was to put a new engine in it wat engines can i put in like straight in no hardcore coversions

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Have you tried a new condensor?

New points?

Checked the timing?

what about ballist resistor?

Points gap?

Sparkplug gaps?

Mine has a 12volt system reduced to 6volts after start, but had been modded to just 12volts without the previous owner telling me... it took about 2months to track down the problem :eek:

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