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I Just Seen A Tte Exhaust


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all i can say is BIG !

2 big fat tailpipes not heard the sound yet it was fitted in a t2 or 3 park in the showroom i was told is a demo it had all the TTE parts like skirts and front spoiler ,grill etc... fitted

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What Garage?????? I want to see what it is like.

steve you are from Wales :o how you gonna see it the toyota dealer is in london :P nice car by the way :D

anyway i look at the tte exhaust before on tte website didn't really look all that good but now i seen the real thing it looks awesome trust me it will look good on our cts it is messive compair to our stock exhaust

ps: i've beating a ctr to 60 today no bull you should seen this asian guy face he was well gutted :D i am well happy :P :lol:

and yes i am a boy racer :P :lol:

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ok since everyone are talking about the centre exit which is not the one i saw

i have just check the tte website i now find out there're 2 exhaust for the e12 model corolla the one i seen in the dealers showroom are for the 1.4 and 1.6 :P

i think there is another one specily for the tsport i tell you what tho the 1.4 and 1.6 tte exhaust looks well sexy :thumbsup:

ps: phil3345 sorry i dont have a digicam :wacko:

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TTE sports silencer for T Sport is not centre exit (or is there one available), here's how it looks like installed. Yes, it's big...2 x 90 mm round tailpipes.




It's not too noisy, but definetly has a deeper exhaust note compared to standard T Sport silencer.

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