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Hi Chaps............I'm not sure if this is the right thread to leave my problem with, but some of you seem to have similar shaped cars cars (yes, thats what it's come to). But, I'm having a hell of a time starting my K reg Carina 1.6 Gli, I'm almost certain the problem is electrical, co's when it does start there's no further problem.

When you turn the key it just clicks away (about 20 time or sometimes first time!?) until it eventually starts. Then runs fine.

It's driving me nuts.....solenoids and ignition starter switches have been mentioned but i'm still in the dark.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Nice one.

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PeteUK its sounds like nothing worse than a low Battery, check the Battery for dead cells. etc (any Battery supplier should check it for free for you. The 'click' noise is the starter solenoid popping into position but the Battery has not got enough power to spin the starter over to start the car, repeated turning of the key will intorduce a very small amount of 'back charge' to the Battery and eventually it will have enough gumph to fire up. :)

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