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My cat, Ariel died after 15 years (she was my pet for 12 of them) several months ago. So, somehow when we went to get a replacement, we ended up with 3 new cats! :help: We adopted all of them from HOPE Safehouse, which is a respected local animal shelter that has been around for something like 20 years. We got Ariel from there too.

Here they are:

The first 2 we got were Barney and Char. Barney is a big orange moose of a cat, and Char is a 5-6 month old black kitten. We aren't quite sure where Char came from. Barn was found on somebody's garden in another city, with his side torn open from an altercation with something larger than him (probably a racoon).

Barney, checking out the bathtub on the day we got him:


And Char, also in the bath for some reason:


A few more current pictures:

When she isn't sleeping, she's usually tearing around the house at full speed.

Sitting tall on a chair.

The two of them together.

These 2 are really crazy. They're great buds and spend a lot of their time running around the house and generally getting into trouble.

The third cat (my baby) is Izzy, and she didn't arrive until a week after the first 2. This girl was rescued from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Apparently she was caught in a trap near a drainage canal (makes sense, since I can't keep her out of water :ffs: ) She was trucked across the nation twice before ending up here. She was probably scared to death the whole time, and had a bad case of ringworm, which required a lot of special baths and meds to fix. The ordeal doesn't seem to have helped her mental state, but she gets better every day.

On the day we brought her home:


And a couple more:

She really enjoys this window...

..but this chair is her favorite!

Well, now you guys know my cats! :)


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Awww they're adorable, its great to see you giving them all a good home, especially Izzy, poor thing must have been petrified caught up in those floods.

Sorry to hear about Ariel as well... :(

They're lovely though, no cat will ever replace one thats passed on, but three new additions will definitely keep you busier! :D

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